Come hungry…

“For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness…”  Psalm 107:9


Mother Teresa of Calcutta once asked God to “make her pray 4 hours a day. ”  She said He spoke to her, “I don’t make the little birds eat.  When you are hungry, you will eat.”

My deepest and most fervent prayer for each one of you, and myself as well, is that God will give us an insatiable hunger for Him.  The more we “eat of His word, the knowledge of who He is, and an ever-deepening awareness of His presence” the more we will hunger for Him.  He alone completely satisfies as well as causes an increasing hunger to know Him better.  He loves us unconditionally, gives purpose and direction to our lives and will never (ever) leave us or forsake us.  To God be all glory!!